Really I pulled out a big red letters, stunned everyone.

  The comments are no longer discuss the Miu Miu say, laughingly, said in fairies actually carry this thing red envelope.
  Then more shocked that followed gave the land seventy-one dressing room who have made a red envelope.
  [I really should have died]
  [Fairies never really expect people to what she would do next second ah]
  [If you can and fairies live together, it really special beautiful]
  [Front] dreaming
  [More inexplicable aversion to the star boyfriend]
  [Fairies today broke up the account has been concerned about the tens of thousands]
  [Ha ha ha ha ha, black heart of a lot of people, ah, I have to pay attention to the]
  [Plus] I am a black heart
  ”Insiders entertainment law is the law, but my approach is also my law, if the two do not conflict, natural Who better to go by the law who, if the two conflict, it is naturally how I how to get happy.”Lu and Yu Miaozi seventy-one direct say.
  ”.”Yu Miaozi rolling his eyes,” you obviously are how happy how to go, you do not listen to what I say, and so you really are sealed together, and I see how you do.”The challenge circle rule of man, not a mound of grass three meters high is the unknown!!
  Lu seventy-one not say when she and Tian Ying trouble up, it has broken the laws of the circle, those old boring and strange laws of the entertainment business, it is time altered,.She came