Headlines?PR could not do it?”

  Li autumn and quietly shut the door, took out the phone to retrieve online news posts positive high heat.
  ”Old nephew sword opposite, enemies Exceeding.”
  It is with pictures Xu Luo was escorted away by security and escorted away double goes to the hospital Li autumn.
  Li autumn curse followed the sound, which is what his mother wrote.
  Luo Xu Cheng Zongming significant only want evil made public, so take this opportunity to rely knife attack by the head of the Luo Xu sent to prison, but this news was deliberately rendering the conflict between double and Xu Luo Cheng.
  Self-Jin last event, speculation on the double drive has more than enough.Today, Xu Cheng Luo knife to double thing has been rendered in such a way, give way basically be a double take real cold ruthless ruthless image.
  Not to mention the double process, she looked both angry.
  ”You know who I want to catch the savage?Zhang Shisen, if you follow this matter handled properly, the position of the manager you do not do it.”
  Cheng double hung up the phone, but a phone call back.
  Li autumn meal delivery of water action, clever stand to the side, watching his face steep drive double softened hearts have already been answered.
  ”Nothing, minor injuries.”
  ”In the hospital, no big problem, you do not come.”
  ”Ah, the fifth city