To help him ease the harm suffered by the nervous system in a certain extent, with just the memory of stimulus, and that kind of meat from the owl’s punch.

  A series of coincidences, only to depths of memory is solved Chakun.
  He was diving back tattoo Chen reminded of things that year, when the two fight let an, diving under Chen blood boiling took off his shirt, tattoos slowly emerging in the stimulation, so Chakun particularly impressed!
  Chen had forced a diving fist can even tattoos have emerged guy certainly should not be overlooked.
  It is because of this tattoo, Chakun to think that they know Chinese, I began to recall everything himself happened.
  When he put this long story to tell Chen diving, diving Chen fist almost pinched burst.
  From the owl at this moment dispelled all doubts on Chen diving thoughts, leaving only curious!
  Once Chakun determine the identity, special warfare is a member of the Kingdom of Siam Airborne Ranger troops, and that Chen diving identity even if it is not to say, from the owl can guess the one most likely!
  From this owl bet on too right, it’s so worth it to do business.
  ”Gokseong what do you know it.”Chen diving Road.
  Chakun shook his head: “I only know that he took me to China, and the rest not and will not know.To kill you, he arranged for my first job.”