It prompted an hour when she has to leave this task in the world, Xin long micro despair.
  They have played almost a few hour.
  Her final task is not yet complete.
  When only the last time is ten minutes, micro oct long heart wow cool wow cool.
  ”All I know, the dead person turned out to be me.”
  Over there, Chao Yu Ling Chu was pressed tightly, he Afterward, repeatedly weigh the will, the end is to bite the bullet and decided drastic.
  Chu Ling Mouguang flickered, he Wangle Yan Xin long distance micro, hand movements slow a beat, Chao Yu pretends to be anti-defensive to the offensive loopholes.
  ”You go play, she was scared to cry.Helpless voice “system sounded in his mind.
  Chu Chao Yu Ling dodge avoid, to get back home: “I was dead, she is not hurt more?”
  System: “Koko, you happy enough.”
  Chao Yu hand has been upon her weapon of last resort, Chu Ling had been waiting for him to go, do not want and then seeing him struggle, deliberately turn on the water to let him prevail, and later lost to pretend he was trapped by the matrix method.
  The body is firmly confined to live, majestic vast magical powers