XIA drive away holding winter waist left and right shook shook, he refused to admit to ask for love letters, but persistently raised four fine white fingers swinging away in the face of winter, “four oh!”

  ”Four letters change four kisses?”Cheng Dong tease her,” it is not enough!Half a day is not enough ah!”
  ”Humph!”XIA away not holding his waist, and raising his hand angrily pulling his waist a.
  ”What if write more, you can unlock something else?”When she was only in Cheng Dong to tickle yourself, continue to ask questions.
  ”Go back to sleep fast friends!”XIA away blushed,” I would like to apply eye it!Have class tomorrow morning!”
  Small package cry cried for a long time not so very worried about tomorrow swollen eyes wore to class, too embarrassed.
  She can be turned around, and again shouted to Dong Cheng.
  XIA away standing on the apartment doorstep, turned to look at Cheng Dong.Because shorten the height difference on the steps, not unwittingly, he stole a kiss goodnight.
  ”First owes.”Cheng Dong looked at her soft cheeks like a baby usually grumpy, but also reach out and touch a bit, finally willing to let her go upstairs.
  Wait until winter Cheng drove back home and help them chairs, clothes packed, the