Shihai some relaxation, which makes Wu finally got it together, he just really afraid that he would be split into Talisman to le male.

Listen around finally quiet down, An Wei Zhen hands of a turn end up with several fingerprints, dropping the number of sheets in accordance with position Talisman attribution, because the house is too clean, it feels like someone put a isolated inside FIGHTING world, she did not like the way the light as you can see with the eye in the sky before falling Shen North Star.

Body of Chapter 241 of divination

Fortunately, however, before that the only safe to come here when Zhen, Shen North Star to help her pack up a bunch of stuff, Wei Zhen random security in the bag turned around a bit and saw a compass.

The compass was still in the Pan family when the father sent the Pan Lian.An Wei Zhen blowing a mixed gas on a compass, slowly close your eyes, his spiritual power in the body into a point.

And after The CD Zhen Once this is done, we can see that would have prohibited the compass down at this time suddenly constantly beating fast rotation speed, let aside what this is Wu also do not understand all see scalp tingling.

What is a ghost?Why did she blew the compass on the move in such a way?

An Wei Zhen looked at the compass moving so fast,