”The teacher, or you usually drink less is better.”

  Man froze a moment, some differences, “You call me Teacher?”
  ”amount.Are not you?”
  This man forties also to teacher lectures, apparently the teacher, the student can not be right?
  Middle-aged man smiled, “Why do you say, also called the teacher, I drink less good?”
  White leaf frowned, “You myocardial ischemia, you would not know it?”
  Middle-aged men look in amazement, eyes looked somewhat surprised white leaves, “you.Do not you know me, I know how myocardial ischemia?”
  White leaf helpless, “at a glance, and whites cloudy, dry lips, though you ruddy, but apparently because of drinking, you still drink less good.”
  Middle-aged man’s face filled with color surprised, actually think this guy so much, do not need to feel the pulse, look at his face you can see disease?
  ”Students Hello, my name is Xin Dai, you’re Hospital of that term?”
  Ye White said, “I am not a Chinese medicine hospital, I was feng shui school, freshmen.”
  Dai Xin face shocked, with a trace of doubt look to the next Ma Baiwei.
  马白薇 only