After Grandpa out.”

Jiang Chu Mouguang slightly cold, my heart seems to have spectrum: “She is urgent for what?”
“That I do not know, ah, she is an old lady over there with immediate leave of absence, I do not ask a lot of you are also aware of the great lady, old lady who has always been good heart, is the best talking ?”
“Well, you go on.”
Sun steward then asked: “That Lady also Laonu continued to stare at it all happened Fuchu?”
Jiang Chu slight hook the hook lip: “Today, I’m afraid is coming to an end.”

“You see, right here,” pointing to the front of this small yard Spring Road.
This yard is not large, and very simple, but the only possessor of a woman, is perfectly adequate.
Bowen’s heart bang bang bang jump: “That’s how we go?”
“You wait.”
Spring said, they immediately went and knocked on the door.
He opened the door a little tussle, but also a renowned Chunxiao surprised look: “Early Spring?You how