You found him?”

  Su Yuan: “ah.”
  Not surprisingly, then, she told Fu is poor and so, after a lifetime.
  ”He likes what you do?”Gujiu An feel a little sour, sour ignored his heart, could not help but to find their own child.
  Su Yuan see Gujiu An did not say she did not work, hanging out at the hotel with Fu raw cold heart not relieved to hear of the problem Gujiu An Su Yuan thought, said: “He treats me well.”
  ”You can chart his good for you.”
  Gujiu An could not help but rolled his eyes, mother, Fu raw cold this kid really be abused, never been in love before Su Yuan, Fu Yuan Su raw cold a little bit better to put the Su Yuan Guaipao, can not help but bitter way: ” girls can not just drawing Hello boys, if one day he put on your good taken away how to do?”
  Su Yuan not much think so much, she had always thought the feelings of the issue, two people get along together on, do not come together on separate things to pay attention to a fate.
  ”Well, he was a diamond bachelor, handsome and rich, good to me, these advantages is not enough?”
  Gujiu An listened, could not help but Fufei, and he was also a good diamond bachelor, looks better than Fu needy poor, though not from scratch, but still capable people, but he is also very Yuan Su