Summer months, terribly hot day, before he went to the hospital Sheng Joe made a check before departure to confirm correct Hengdian.

  ”Willing to monthly flow Zhao Jun” has turned more than 10 days, not because the heroine, the director modified the shooting schedule, the first half basically in the film byplay.
  When the crew sent a car to the airport to pick her up, she was also on board Ming.
  Yes, this time she is the partner of actor Ming had, indeed even the ancient prince rumors “, willing to monthly flow Zhao Jun” Just came when filming the adaptation of the message, users have the loudest voices that had ming.
  His image quality suitable costume too, all these years took so many costume drama, not greasy like to see with friends, even the video is most popular are great touch him, every time there must exist in the group portrait pull Lang Ming Zeng.
  Zeng Ming this person, mind rather deep, smooth and slick, emotional intelligence is high, they do not exist evil mind, people will like him around.The film “out alive,” he Yin Sheng Joe in the game a few times, but after the program will smile to apologize, Joe Sheng relationship with him is good.
  Sheng Joe got into the car and so on, he unceremoniously gave her a hug, “The whole crew of people very worried about you.”
  Sheng Joe generous patted him on the shoulder, “I’m all good, except for the bald head together, but basically no serious problem!”
  Zeng Ming smiled and wanted to pick her hat, tightly cover your Qiao Sheng, shouted: “I’ll see you dare to play