eng quickly lighting up, the family now each room has light: “Dad, how the?”

  ”Here.”Pei Naochun hand, things like what is not in place to hand the promissory note on the table.
  ”this 深圳桑拿网is?”Pei Jiancheng took the IOU, IOU looked, looked at his father, but the reaction to.
  ”I’m your mother and you did not intend to pay back the money, just want you to understand the principle, we gave birth to you, train you, support you is the responsibility, but you do not owe them your brother.”Pei Naochun都市夜网 lightly,” your mother and I just want you doing.”He did not intend to stay, but he is now busy man during the day and work every night, embroidery, right, is sewn clothes.
  Pei Jiancheng clutched IOUs, crest conceal their own feelings: “Dad, thank you and Mom.”Once he believes that everything is as it should be, but now they find, the original of which is a chamber full of selfless love.
  ”For what it says, you’re our son.”Pei Naochun for his son shut the door, choose the back room to rest.
  That night, Pei Jiancheng this fan normally always closed the door of the majority, has been sounded twice, two for him, familiar figure appeared there, entered, and throw away the piece of paper – –
  ”My sister-in-law and you discuss, and we’re young, can make money, and parents together without having to spend any money, you are in the county 北京夜生活网career is not easy to take care of yourself.”This is the Pei building.
  ”Built ah, you put parents and brother share also on the line, a good filial piety, they are happy to point, and I Zhenzhen said, and she agreed, are one family, not so much divided, since we encounter to do, you do not also help you?”It was built by Pei.
  In the dark, in order to indulge their emotions.
  That night, Pei Jiancheng are clinging to that three promissory note to sleep until the moment of his sleep, his eyes have tears, Men do not cry easily, how much luck he had to encounter such a family.
  You have to repay the debt!He repeatedly told myself, until gone to sleep.