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  Are so open, I come back pot!

Chapter 12
  But, Nguyen rain and some counseling, which will freak own grandmother’s edge, significantly Li Wei, and she did not blending, and honestly look like drama.
  Sure enough, Zhao Xiaoling these words said, Zhou Xiuying’s face had changed, she was not angry anti-laugh, “Linda ah!Sure enough, her mother told you to wear a pair of pants ah!”Paused, she swept to a table of people, of course, did not leak down to the three bedrooms,” We are 打开天窗说亮话, you think I prefer three bedrooms, then we have to take, said said Comin!”
  ”No no!”Nguyen rain look of horror straight swing, pot to throw to first, had a very solemn occasion, Nguyen is no rain, it did not the words, deceives almost a laugh.
  Fang Xiulan pulled the girl pulled beside him, staring and Zhou Xiuying was over, little heartless, do not look for who she is??
  Zhou Xiuying breath, Chen Sheng, “for!I was eccentric three-bedroom!”
  Nguyen rain “Huh.”It seems to be some not right!
  ”I’m eccentric three-bedroom, and I never use 杭州桑拿anything ward to subsidize two-bedroom three-bedroom, three-bedroom which they used to eat, all relying on the youngest and Shirley couple earn their own county from inside a mouthful come back!”
  ”mom!You say the wrong words, you do not pull from the inside out our ward and two-bedroom to three-bedroom, but martyrs subsidies dad every month is given a three-room bar!”Ai-Chi mind a flash, could not help but to praise his wit a point.
  Zhou Xiuying to carry a small notebook Ai-flung branches of the body, “Here look!Father monthly subsidy of thirty-seven eighty three, I have used where there is no subsidy three bedrooms!”
  Ai-Chi looked pocket book, there dumbfounded, she can not read it!White also looked to see.
  Zhou Xiuying sneer, on this idiot, she also wants to pull breaking, really blind dog eyes her mother!
  A Peipei深圳桑拿网 Pei!Curse the wrong person!
  Really blind dog eyes of her father!
  Ah Bah!Bao root ah!I did not mean to call you