Life is always moving forward, the days are past day by day, while the country fast forward, every household has also been a lot of changes.
  ”Lan to a county, you can not allow hard younger brother, I did not know?”Zhu Zhenzh杭州桑拿en squatted in front of her daughter, to help organize the clothes, they just got out of the village for the past few years, becoming larger and larger surroundings, Dacron and cotton can easily buy, all street girl colorful dress, can not their home a blue dress nice, think of this, Zhu Zhenzhen a bit flattered mouth kissed her daughter’s face, “we are one of the most lovely orchid.”
  Pei Lan a helpless standing there, she is wearing a hand-made clothing, the main material used is cotton and Dacron, similar to do is strap dress style, looks comfortable and lovely, she had had a little Messenger packet small, is pattern of small rabbits, using a split step stitched together, it seems very special, this one her from head to toe, are the grandfather single-handedly.
  To say it’s her through to the sixth year.
  Yes, Pei blue one is a standard across who, when she found herself in this era when more and my heart is panic, but fortunately she was born, is already in the late seventies, life is not like she was afraid so tight Baba.
  And she had a particularly skilled grandfather –
  Yes, it was my grandfather, a Lan Pei want to laugh now to think of北京风月网 it, when she learned how to walk, hands and feet to carry out exploration activities in the home, struggling to reach the grandparents of the room, then I saw my grandfather is doing the sewing machine ahead clothes, that wonderful sense of cool sour, she simply did not want to describe!
  Her grandfather was not emaciated body, would be able to have a height of one hundred seventy-five, labor perennial pretty dark and sturdy, orchid plus needle and grandfather slightest detached okay?But why they are the best at home all this is Grandpa.
  She and a brother from small to large bamboo clothes have all b