een arranged Grandpa, Grandpa nothing material can be chosen able to assemble a wide range of special clothing, while not dignitaries looked very awkward, like she and her brother that two mini uniforms, since they both wear out, a lot of people holding mo北京夜生活ney for a grandfather to do it!

  Grandpa in the county opened a sewing shop, a small aunt responsible for Kandian, inside hanging clothes style of this album, there are a few who finished clothes, every two days, little information aunt who will be custom-made and mending clothes back to the village, Pei Lan relied on a small, secretly heard several times, which store water pricey it!
  Lan Pei lying on a mother who, while swinging the leg side wants something, she first came to this world, to Kurtis can generate a lot of misperceptions, she had thought her grandmother was a bad mother, bad mother, thinking like home Wen’s is like all little eccentric uncle, my parents thought it a bit stupid, and so on, it does not believe that a Pei Lan have to admit, if only their home smart grandparents and younger brother, she secretly thought tha南宁桑拿t her father estimate and uncle, then could not inherit and intelligence-related genes.
  ”Sister-in-law, a blue.”
  Pei Lan heard a far younger brother’s voice, waving her hand forced, not just different IQ, as well as looks, uncle is rough type, type of father is sick, while the younger brother is the type o苏州桑拿f temperament, really handsome.
  After Pei Jiancheng smiled and took a blue, he is now director of the logistics department of a machinery factory, not married before, leaving only his own money, to give all the other parents, get married, and he also after consulting his wife, maintained a home to send ten dollars a month to practice, although it is now home to him ten dollars is not bad, but he wants bearing in mind that they will never, ever family for his love and help.
  ”Lan a’ll let you that I go for a younger siblings.”Zhu Zhenzhen hearty laugh, mending shop is owned by Pei N