aochun all, he gave three daughter opened wages, the other side can work in the store, the profits go home, I gave him three sons and a daughter dividends each year, a深圳桑拿网nd now three the hands of the sons are a lot of savings, but also bought a house in town, but we kind of used to be inseparable from the village, they also pull strings holding Pei Jiancheng, the house rented out, money begets money.

  ”Yes, sis上海夜网ter-in-law, you’ve worked hard, I took a blue factory to play.”Pei Jiancheng the little niece stand in the shoulder, until now, the three brothers have set up their own family or kinship, his wife and his son was born, Pei blue one is the only girl at home, he can not get baby.
  A younger brother Lan Pei sitting shoulder to see very far, was amused giggled, she is living longer and smaller, because the family is true and nothing can bring her to worry about, except she did not phone this very difficult to overcome in addition, she was a nice extra happiness in this world.
  Under her grandfather hinted to several large garment factory cast design draft, got a lot of dividends, is not much she can remember, there is also the factory laid off after the tide, but still a little early to worry about now, when the time Be sure to深圳桑拿 let the sea ahead of younger brother to make money, do not miss the pot of gold.
  ”Go slightly, a Betty, today you eat dumplings to go younger brother!”
  ”set off!”
  Lan Yi Pei did not know, in another period of life, her home for a lot of trouble, but that she can play with riding on the shoulders of younger brother, she worried about the rest of my life almost.
  But in this life, she just like a child, good to enjoy the new life is enough.
  [Fourth assessment in the world, qualified test results.]
  Pei Naochun opened his eyes, ears side seems echoing his deathbed, around the side of the cries of children and grandchildren, he quietly waiting for the system to be emotional memory storage, or true heart to forget.
  Later, Pei Naochun of sew