y god-ho system (brief description, and that is a sky out of the yuan, so that people destitute of the magical systems riches), from rich to poor young generation, all the way counter-attack hanging open, get hold of you for her return story.

  Author in the novel fully embodies the charisma grateful to the care of the household, under various articles perennial readers scrambling to shout, I want to buy XX shares, or A female shares daily 深圳桑拿网limit, B female share limit such comments, of which, in the story began to emerge of a peach Pei care of the household is more attracted many people sympathize.
  The cut is the beginning of the novel’s main Haoran male perspective, he just graduated from university became North drifters, working hard in the price of深圳桑拿网 price amazing B city, I want to stay here, but the cruel reality, he entered the game industry in case to policy reform, a large number of layoffs, was abruptly dismissed him, and cast numerous quotations do not get a response, he insisted a few months, leaving damages and deposits gradually met at the end, even he can not pay the rent, to be faced was swept out of distress, that is, at this time, he suddenly has a God-ho system, soar.
  Li Haoran hearts of the White Moonlight, is living in the door of the beautiful girl Pei Tao, he has been affectionately called her in his heart to do peaches.Pei and his peach different, she is a B this city Aboriginal parents to do small business, the family house and a car, although it can not be wealthy people, but also can be well-off family, all this are her gambler father single-handedly de深圳桑拿stroy, come down, she usury door to escape the noisy and termination cost of living, and his mother the way to this common dwelling in this single suites among difficult to survive.
  Li Haoran heart and mind has been good, Pei beautiful peach, but can not close, ordinary family background, he can not afford the burden of various other families, he often feeling miserable fate of the other, at th