Zhou Xiuying gas along the “blind dog eyes of your son!Take the matter to see Zhiming!”
  Innocent lying gun Ruan Zhiming, “.”,milk!Pro-grandchildren call you so you really okay??
  Nobody listened to his voice, he quietly picked up a little book to read out, “I took the last three months of the subsidy to read!”
  ”Chinese New Year in January, bought a pound of sugar, three five, tw苏州龙凤网o two two seeds Jin Jin, five pounds of pork suet four five, six nine five pounds of white rice, refined flour three pounds for three lucky money a total of five six Mao Third, boss gifts eight eight!”
  ”February, bought two pounds of semolina son was thirteen dollars, Xiaolei sick three times, went to six dollars, brother to marry a wife with her parents Linda ceremony two dollars, three dollars round-trip fare Zhigang, Chi Liang friends playing four dollars, Ruan Zhiming, Ruanzhi Wu, Ruan Zhiwen three notebooks and pens for a dollar each, Nguyen rain sick twelve fifty cents!”
  ”mom!stupid.”Ai-Chi’s silly when it comes to the half, to see their own third brother was full of murderous eyes, she suddenly put to rest, then swallowed it,” the bulk of the rain is not sick!”Ai-Chi Road surprise, she, ah, ah!Finally ask her to wait u杭州龙凤网ntil the.
  Zhou Xiuying sneer, “among the youngest to get back fifteen, rain, ill spent thirteen, and two give you a big gift to the daughter with her family!”
  That one said, on the table again quiet down.
  ”Well, everyone knows where the martyr Father monthly subsidy spent, we say at home for eggs!”Zhao Xiaoling heart of a panic, to her, she shook her head to look for help Ruan Zhigang, Ruan Zhigang again, schematic” and grandmother finished in!”
  Zhao Xiaoling stamped her foot, but know this is old Ruan, not their home Zhao.
  Zhou Xiuying Xieni a Zhao Xiaoling, eyes full of sarcasm, I really thought she was old, it Laoyanhunhua??
  No, no!Although she is old, but the eyes and head seeds awake yet!
  ”Afternoon Zhiwen said that it was the last one egg at home, you