ty B, that resettlement housing built too early, each building will eighty-nine-storey, due old house, most of the original tenants l杭州夜网论坛eft, leased to outsiders, but also some mixed bag up gradually.

  He followed the strong brother on the floor, and that a common gaming house small but perfectly formed, is among the two sets of upper and lower suites open up, and altogether it two or three hundred square feet, the location inside the living room on the first floor, all the people playing mahjong, drawer stood thick chips, smoke-filled, location of the wall stood a couch, a lot of people sitting there waiting position, strong brother introduced chips that count the money, he will not play mahjong, then there is no more asked, to the upstairs, even more rich, full of original body only seen in the early Hong Kong films in the scene, what is poker, craps, as well as bizarre table, a table surrounded by a dozen or twenty people can , flushed, excited face, suite of rooms, blam北京夜网ed as the box, there is someone inside look at the field.
  This man has a body of original foul trouble, that is, about face, he looked strong and generous brother calm We find a dice table bets, he also with the past, with pockets of revenue today, he carefully followed the next Note, he and all no南宁桑拿vice alike, only willing to bet a minimum pressing, kept telling himself that he just wanted to see, go at once.
  But this environment, people feel a kind of inexplicable subsidence, surrounding voice boiling, before each opening, all the people ear side crushing sound discussion, it was said loss, some say make a big.And no one at the time of tools, unwittingly, also immersed into the PEI Naochun.
  He first won two, bet money has been doubled, then carefully put a little addition, but also win.When he once bet a thousand, he suddenly lost, the lost, not a full one thousand, pale he wants to go, he was firmly grasp the strong brother, the other eye was full of encouragement: “Hey, brother, again and you goo