Allergic rhinitis with kidney deficiency type

The rapid development of today’s society has caused a lot of pressure on people’s lives, and people’s bodies also have different diseases.

As a traditional gem of the Chinese nation, traditional Chinese medicine has its own unique features in the treatment of diseases. Many people will choose traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases and maintain health.

In order to let you know more about traditional Chinese medicine, the family has prepared a wealth of information to help everyone have a better understanding of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Therapeutic and Dietary Recommendations: 1. Pork Kidney in Sturgeon Pot: 250 grams of Scutellaria baicalensis (cut into sections) and 100 grams of pork kidney, cooked in the same pot and seasoned.

  2, Cistanche Jinying lamb porridge: Cistanche 15 grams, Jinyingzi 15 grams, refined mutton 100 grams, previous rice 100 grams, seasoned with fine salt, 2 scallions, 3 slices of ginger.

First, cistanche and Jinyingzi decoction to remove the residue and juice, add mutton, previously cooked porridge with rice, when cooked, add salt, ginger, and light green onion.

  3, Filigree Asarum porridge: 15 grams of Cuscuta seeds, 5 grams of Asarum, 100 grams of rice, sugar.

After washing the dodder, mash it and fry asarum water to remove the residue and juice, add rice to the porridge, add sugar when the porridge is cooked.