Cultivate children’s health mentality “ten attention”

Psychologists generally believe that childhood is a golden period for cultivating healthy psychology, and various habits and behavioral models lay the foundation during this period. If the child’s mental health is ignored at this time, it will adversely affect the child’s future development.
For this reason, experts remind that to train children’s mental health, the following points should be paid attention to: 1. Don’t care too much about children.
Doing so tends to make children overly self-centered and end up being arrogant.
Second, don’t bribe your child.
To let children know the relationship between rights and obligations from an early age, they cannot enjoy rights without fulfilling their obligations.
Third, don’t get too close to your children.
Children should be encouraged to live, learn, and play with their peers in order to learn how to get along with others.
Fourth, don’t force your child to do things that they are not capable of.
Most children’s self-confidence comes from doing things successfully.
Fifth, do not be too harsh, demanding or even scolding your child.
This will make the child develop unhealthy mentality such as inferiority, timidity, and escape.
6. Don’t deceive and uselessly intimidate the child.
7. Don’t criticize or laugh at the child in public in front of your friends.
This can lead to child hate and shyness.
8. Don’t praise the child too much.
Excessive praise can contaminate children with bad psychology.
9. Don’t be moody about your children.
This can make your child sensitive, suspicious, emotionally unstable, and timid.
10. Help your child analyze his environment.
Help your children solve problems, not solve them for them.
Children should be taught to analyze and solve problems.
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