[Can I drink cold soy milk]_Can I drink it_Can I drink it

Soy milk is a very popular food, especially when eating breakfast, many people like to drink a cup of soy milk.

Many people wonder if they can drink cold soy milk directly.

In fact, as long as the cold soy milk is cooked and it is suitable for drinking soy milk, there is no problem in drinking it.

However, there are still a lot of things to watch out for when eating soy milk. Here are some precautions for eating soy milk!

1. Soy milk is not suitable for everyone.

Soymilk is colder, and enzyme-rich purines produce gas under the action of enzymes.

Therefore, it is best not to drink soymilk for those with debilitating constitution, abdominal distension, diarrhea, spleen and stomach deficiency, indigestion, poor kidney function and belching.

People who are taking antibiotics such as erythromycin are not easy to drink soy milk, which will break down and resist chemical reactions.

Drink soy milk and take medicine at least 1 hour apart.

2, soy milk must be fully boiled.

When cooking soy milk, when heated to 80 ℃, we will see a lot of foam, and more and more, some people think that this is cooked, in fact, this is just a “false boiling” phenomenon, and there is noReally boil. At this time, we should use a low fire to continue cooking until its foam gradually disappears. At this time, the saponin and anti-micro protease in soybean milk have been destroyed, but other nutrients will not be lost.Is the safest and healthiest.

3. Do n’t drink uncooked soy milk Many people like to buy raw soy milk to go home and heat it by themselves. When they see the foam rising, they mistakenly think that it is boiled. In fact, this is the phenomenon caused by the organic matter of the soy milk expanding and forming bubbles.It’s not boiling, it’s not cooked.

Uncooked soy milk is harmful to the human body.

Because soy milk contains two toxic substances, it can cause protein metabolism disorders, cause irritation of the recombination tract, and cause symptoms of poisoning.

The way to prevent soymilk poisoning is to boil the soymilk at a high temperature of 100 ° C and implant the cocoa.

If you experience symptoms such as headache and obstructed breathing after soy milk, you should seek medical treatment immediately, and you must not delay the time to prevent life-threatening.