How to talk elegantly

To be polite and elegant, there are the following meanings.

  One is sincere and kind.

Speaking is used to convey thoughts and feelings to people, so the expression and expression are important.

For example, when you congratulate someone, if your mouth is very pleasant, but the expression is cold, then the other party must think that you are just perfunctory.

Therefore, speaking must be sincere and kind, so that the other party can have a consistent impression of your speech.

  The second is humble and elegant.

For example, call the other party “you”, “sir”, “Miss”, etc .; replace “your surname” with “your surname”, and replace “mold” and “stinky” with “fresh” and “odd”.

If you are using a toilet in a stranger’s house, say, “Can I use the bathroom here?”

“Or:” Where is it convenient?


The use of honorifics, humility, and elegance can reflect one’s cultural literacy and respect the good qualities of others.

  Third, the sound should be appropriate and the tone should be calm and calm.

Whether in Mandarin, foreign languages, dialects, the bite should be clear, the volume should be moderate, and the other party should hear clearly, do not speak loudly; the tone should be stable, try not to use or use less tone words, so that listeners feel kind and natural.

  In short, language civilization may seem simple, but it is not easy to achieve it.

This requires us to study more and strengthen our cultivation, so that the fine tradition of the “state of etiquette” of our Chinese nation can be carried forward.