How to educate “Little Bully” at home

As living standards improve, many parents want to work hard to give their children the best they can.
But over-loving becomes petting. Doting on the baby will inevitably make the baby wayward.
What should parents do when a child is capricious?
The reluctant attitude of reluctance to curse will only allow the child to reach the peak of willfulness, which will cause the baby to have difficulties in interpersonal communication.
But, how to scientifically adjust your baby’s petulant problems?
What do you do when your child is capricious?
The following six classic case studies, I believe you will learn a lot!
  I like to sing anti-contrast scenes: When I watch TV, I always like to increase the volume so much that my family can’t talk, study and rest.
Whoever would say something to him would make a lot of noise, no matter whether the ground was water or mud, lying on the ground and crying and screaming.
  №Wrong way: Mom yelled at Want Want to turn off the TV volume. In the case of repeated calls and not listening, he walked to him in a short stride, snatched the remote control and forcibly turned down the volume on his own.There were two heavy hits on the fart.
  Result: Xi Wangwang was more noisy, cried with heartbreaking, and dragged her mother, she must get the remote control.
But his mother couldn’t help but give him the remote control.
  ★ The right way: If your child is playing with the volume of the TV, do n’t yell and scold, you might as well make a gentle movement in front of his eyes, give him a gentle hint, and then ask him: “You know, mom is the mostHow do you like watching TV?
Then he guided him to turn down the volume and asked him, “Why does my mother like this?”
“Second, can’t be quiet.” Scene: After Ding Ding returned home from the community playground, he kept jumping and jumping in the room, jumping to the sofa for a while, and then crawling to the bed.
As a result, not only was the room messy, he was sweating and flushed.
  №Wrong way: I yelled at Tintin loudly, asking him to stop this endless bouncing.
And warned him that if he continued to jump like this, he would not be given his favorite chicken leg at night.
  Result: Wu Dingding was still bouncing, and his father was already furious, ready to catch him for a good “lesson”.
  ★ The right way: For a child who jumps and jumps, as a punishment, you can take the child into another hut to get him out of the excited environment, look at him calmly, and force him to rest for a while.
  Third, waywardness: people come crazy scene: Wei Weiwei often sends “people come crazy”.
The guests came and liked to throw things, throw a rag doll, and throw a small pillow, and even kick a slipper into a pot of fragrant chicken soup.
  №Wrong way: Dad took away all the items that Wei Wei could lose and severely reprimanded him for being too impolite.
He even beat him a few times because Weiwei didn’t listen to reprimand.
  Result: After Wei Dawei turned around, he picked up the slippers around him and threw them forward, hitting him exactly.
  ★ The right way: If the child likes to throw things in front of the guests, you may wish to set a nylon target on the door of the house. When the guests come, with the consent of the guests, everyone throws together to see who throws accurately.
This will divert the child’s attention.
This not only satisfies the child’s desire for expression, but also enables the child to learn to restrain himself from the rules of the game, so that the disorderly disorder moves into an orderly competition.
  4. Naughty baggage scene: The 2-year-old Chaochao is particularly interested in playing with water: use his fingers to pull the faucet, block the water outlet, and let the outflowing water splash everywhere.
If you give him soap or hand sanitizer, he will continue to play with these interesting “toys” until he spends a whole bottle of hand sanitizer clean.
  №Wrong practice: Mother is forbidden to go to the kitchen or toilets wherever there is water, and not to go near the water.
  Results: Chao Chaochao sneaked into the water while her mother was away.
Not only did he get his body wet, but he also made the kitchen a “water-filled golden mountain.”
  ★ The correct way: If it is summer, it doesn’t matter if you let him play with water. In winter, if he is afraid of getting his clothes wet and catching a cold, it is better to put him in a raincoat and rain boots to give him a chance.
After playing a few times, his curiosity is satisfied, and his interest will naturally shift to other places. This incident of playing taps will no longer cause parents annoyance.
  Fifth, the scene of Xiaoba Wang: Tong Huihui is a well-known “Little Bawang”. He often grabs children’s toys, and even if he goes to the community playground to play slides, he has to occupy two slides by himself.
Whoever fights with him will hit each other hard, even to his parents.
  №Wrong practice: My father forced Huihui to share toys and slides with other children, ignored his crying, but stopped his beating.  Results: The next time Huihui went to play the slide, he still domineeringly occupied the entire slide, whoever tried to grab it would hit him with all his strength.

  ★ The right way: When the child behaves aggressively, he can put the child in a quiet and unoccupied area, but in the sight of the parents, ignore any crying behavior of the child.

After the child’s emotions have gradually stabilized, try to communicate with the child and think that it can’t be overbearing.

  Six, different scenes: Jia Jia’s personality is more introverted and shy.

When playing games with children, if they didn’t catch up with their speed or progress in the beginning, they left silently, said nothing, and held their disappointment in their hearts.

Ask him why he didn’t try to participate, and he would have said hard before: “I don’t want to play yet!

№ Wrong way: After listening to Jia Jia’s words, her mother took Jia Jia away from the playing field.

  Result: Jiajia reluctantly left the game venue, and afterwards she became more introverted and unwilling to take the initiative to make children.

  ★ The right way: If you have such a nervous and disagreeable child in your family, you have to be a careful parent. When this happens, try to figure out his psychology: “He said that he didn’t want to play, in factIs afraid of being rejected by children.

“Then you can take him to the children and ask them if they can participate in the game.

Through such guidance and help, children learn how to express themselves and make friends.

  Facing the waywardness of your child, I remind you: for a baby under 3 years old, it is difficult for him to predict that his behavior will have certain consequences. Therefore, some behaviors caused by his waywardness will often bring unexpected results to parents.trouble.

In the face of this situation, parents must have patience, carefully observe the baby’s movements, and issue predictions at any time to prevent further development of the situation.


Parents should let their children understand what should be done and what should not be done, and encourage him to adhere to it.

You ca n’t always say to your child, “Just this time today,” “It ‘s not an example.”


We must not allow children to transgress their behavioral boundaries, otherwise they will only spoil their children and promote their willful problems, which will be difficult to correct in the future.

It should also be noted that parents must be consistent.


When the child is capricious, parents should be good at diverting the child’s interest to transfer his capriciousness.


Parents should pay attention to education methods and be patient.

When a child is crying, parents can adopt a careless attitude to make the child happy. His crying can scare no one and make him gradually quiet.